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Santuario de Torreciudad

a 12Km.
A big meadow which is before the entrance to the temple where we can admire the altarpiece of polychrome alabaster, work of Juan Mayné. Torreciudad is a dedication to the Romanesque of the high Aragón. The new shrine was promoted by Opus Dei.

Graus, Conjunto Histórico

a 14Km.
In the historical center different attractions highlight: the neighborhood Berrinchós, the oldest one; the neighbourhood of Las Pueblas which was the first wide part of the city, and the surroundings of the Main Square with its town hall house and worth h

Aínsa, Conjunto Histórico Artístico

a 17Km.
Aínsa is located next to the river Vero in Somontano de Barbastro and it is Historical- Artistic Set since 1982 owing to its rich cultural heritage. Its walls, the collegiate church of Saint Mary and blazoned houses are emblematic.


a 18Km.
Alquézar is located next to the river Vero in Somontano de Barbastro and it is Historical-Artistic Set since 1982 due to its rich cultural heritage. Its collegiate church of Santa María and its emblazoned houses are symbolic.

Cañón de Mascún

a 23Km.
It is the heart of the Park of Guara, on the North of the valley of Rodellar. A karst show where the Citadel highlights and as well underground rivers, lagoons, siphons, chasms and more cavities.

Barbastro, Conjunto Histórico Artístico

a 26Km.
It is one of the most typical urban images of Huesca. Fruit of its dilated history, is the big monumental set that leads the Gothic cathedral of the XVI century. The episcopal palace and various temples will complete the tour.

Roda de Isábena

a 27Km.
In the Historical Artistic Set of Roda de Isábena we will highlight the cathedral of Saint Vicente that keeps the monumentality and splendour of the first Romanesque, highlighting the cloisters and the Romanesque mural pictures.

Cañón de Añisclo

a 40Km.
This canyon included in the National Park of Ordesa is a huge “geological poem” and micro jungle of mountains of holm oaks and beeches, and the landscapes of the Valley of Ordesa, Valley of Pineta and the Gorge of Escuadin are not in the rearguard.

Parque Nacional Ordesa Monte Perdido

a 44Km.
It is one of the nine Spanish National Parks. Wonder of natural beauty with summits that lead the 3000 m high with paths and itineraries where the Nature provides its all splendor to the visitor.

Valle de Benasque

a 46Km.
An important part of its territory forms the Natural Park Posets-Maladeta. The Valley of Benasque offers to its visitors the possibility of enjoying a varied number of activities in a privileged natural environment.

Bujaruelo - Garganta de los Navarros

a 47Km.
It is declared Place of Community Importance. A valley and cliffs very frequented by hikers and cannoning’s lovers especially in the awesome narrowing that encases the river Ara.


a 47Km.
Torla is the natural entrance to the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido (lost Mount), they also are the access to the forest track that leads to Bujaruelo. Typical population from the High of Aragon, from where you can watch the impressive Mondarru

Parque Natural Posets-Maladeta

a 49Km.
Its awesome geomorphological formations, together with the landscape composed by the farming and cattle exploitation of the populations of its surroundings, motivated its declaration as Natural Park in 1994.

Huesca, su Conjunto Histórico

a 52Km.
Huesca's medieval past is evident in several important buildings such as the church of San Pedro el Viejo, or the Cathedral, whose construction began in the XIII century. And there are many monuments from the following centuries.


a 57Km.
Durro es uno de los pueblos del valle de Boí que ha recibido de la UNESCO la merecida denominación de patrimonio mundial de la humanidad. En medio de un esuberanten paisaje, Durro y el conjunto del municipio de Barruera están plagados de joyas ...


a 59Km.
Tremp es un municipio español, capital de la comarca denominada Pallars Jussá, ubicada en la provincia de Lérida, y perteneciente a la Comunidad Autónoma de (Cataluña). En el año 2005 contaba con 5.286 habitantes (según datos del INE), distribuidos ...

Centro de Interpretación del Románico

a 59Km.
La UNESCO ha declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad el conjunto de iglesias románicas catalanas de la Vall de Boí (L Alta Ribagorça), formado por nueve iglesias monumentales del Pirineo de Lleida.
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